Cheryl Cole Returns To US X Factor?

Cheryl ColeIt would appear Cheryl Cole is to return to the US X Factor. Surprise, surprise.


So was it just a publicity stunt after all?  Here at LoveScene Magazine we had previously stated that this may well have been the reason for the saga.  Her accent is difficult to understand, it’s not difficult to understand, it’s difficult to understand, it’s not… .  Oh just get on with it!


Apparently Fox TV bosses have changed their decision to sack her from the judging panel having now been persuaded by the knight in botox armour, Simon Cowell. Somehow, they have only now looked at her audition tapes and decided that she is worth keeping. How dumb do they think the public are that we would believe that they would make such a drastic uninformed decision in the first place?!? That they would sack her without assessing all the facts and evidence initially.


Boring!  Can we move on now?