Cheryl Cole SACKED!

Cheryl ColeMere weeks after landing her dream job as a judge on the U.S version of the X-Factor, Cheryl Cole has sensatinally been dropped from the show.


The decision comes after show bosses at Fox grew concerned that her accent would not be understood by American viewers: surely they could have come to that decision before offering her the job in the first place? The powers that be at Fox spent months watching tapes of Cheryl and meeting with her to determine if her accent would be a problem.


Lack of chemistry with fellow judge Paula Abdul is also said to have played a part in the decision.


Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, who initially started as a co-host, will fill Cheryl’s seat. This is sure to upset Cheryl as she famously didn’t approve of Miss Scherzinger becoming a guest judge on last year’s show and was always worried that she would steal her job.


This news must be devastating for Miss Cole, who after months and months of speculation was over the moon to land the job on the show. The American audience seemed to have warmed to her so maybe there is another underlying reason for this decision.


It is understood that Simon is keen to make the best of a bad situation and reinstate her in her rightful place, back on UK X Factor. However, Cheryl is believed to be incredibly upset and angry in which case she will probably want nothing to do with a franchise that has kept her up and down like a yo-yo this year.


Until a statement is released we will not know all the facts. Needless to say I feel sorry for our Cheryl, it can’t be nice to be booted from your dream job just weeks after starting, especially in such a public setting.

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  1. Hannah Lee says:

    I agree, surely those in charge at Fox would have heard her accent before giving her the role! Poor Cheryl. Although at least this means that we can have her back in Britain!

  2. Victoria says:

    It’s interesting how they have decided to keep Steve Jones as he also has a strong accent…

  3. I totally agree that they should have never offered her the job to just take it away again! Very unprofessional