Collide by Leona Lewis

Leona LewisFinally, a more upbeat song track by Leona Lewis.  She was always beautiful but in her latest single Collide from her new album Glass Heart the British beauty has gone from pretty to super sexy in her latest video.


Her record label Syco, owned by Simon Cowell was under attack for by Ministry of Sound for having used the club track by dance producer Avicii without permission.  Cowell’s team had, however, given credit to the artist and the dispute has since been settled in court.  The song is now officially credited to both artists.


It’s exciting to have another amazingly talented British artist in the limelight after Amy Winehouse’s untimely death.  Lewis too is a rare breed with that naturally great singing voice.


The video was shot on a Malibu beach and features a much more confident looking Miss Lewis.  The star has stated that her third album reflects a Leona Lewis who has grown a great deal as a person and artist.  The voice does not sound like Leona’s to begin with but we’ll let you be the judge of whether the single is hot or not.  The official release date is September 4th 2011 but you can watch it here right now. Add your comments below.



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