Could Tulisa Be The New Enid Blyton?

Tulisa ContostavlosThere’s always going to be scepticism when a celebrity announces that they’re going to play author and craft their own novel with ‘hands of inexperience’. Doubters happily go out of their way to discourage the star with harsh comments, outwardly exhibiting a lack of hope in their ability, demanding that they stick to their trade, whether it be singing, acting or Katie Pricing, and it is for these reasons why it takes somebody with a back-bone as durable as Tulisa Contostavlos’ to put pen to paper and break the mould.


With ‘the nation’s sweetheart’ Cheryl Cole stepping down from panel, room was made for Contostavlos to take a chair in last year’s X Factor series. She dutifully made herself the new prime-time woman of the moment, satisfying the British public’s acute appetite for change by single-handedly shifting the main personality of the show from adorable Cole to independent and forthright Contostavlos. X Factor viewers lapped up her witty comments and cutting-edge expertise as they witnessed her complete dedication to her panel-produced group Little Mix. Tulisa’s mass appeal was exemplified in the most glorious of feats with Little Mix snatching top prize and breaking the negative correlation of girl-bands and their early exits from the X Factor. However, meant in the most gracious of fashions, it wouldn’t be surprising if the majority of the votes were specifically because of the group’s prominent graduating mentor.


In retrospect, it did seem inevitable that somebody like Tulisa would forge her own autobiography for the shelves. She is someone who has worked her way from the ground up, batting away the hard press that she received at the beginning of her career with her band N-Dubz, staying positive and resultantly prevailing. But what rocked the boat was the surprise announcement of Tulisa taking up the role of author, with the writing of not one, but two novels, as well as her autobiography, all to be completed within the next few years, and her first book even set to be published by the end of next year.


With so many projects on at one time it seems that in Tulisa’s world there is no sink, just swim. If there ever was a current ready-made brand fresh for the market, then Tulisa is deservedly that girl. Her self-made success provides a gritty sustenance to her veneer, and a vulnerability that she doesn’t shy away from revealing any longer. Her recent split from fellow N-Dubz member Fazer hasn’t seemed to, pardon the pun, faze-her in the slightest either. If anything, it’s given her ample opportunity to seek further independence for herself, recently announcing that she is soon to be releasing a solo single that she told the Daily Mail is ‘very me’.


For all the right reasons there is something incredibly Katie Price about this story. She has made the clean transition from street-girl to natural glamour-puss somewhat overnight, transmogrifying her fan-base from acne-prone young lads with a buzz cut, to young girls with somebody to look up to.


Despite her dazzling transformation,  Tulisa definitely is a child at heart – after all, she is only 23 – so it seems no wonder the majority of her fan-base are young girls with a penchant for a woman with a lot of panache and pride, something Tulisa was suitably keen to embody when naming her fragrance TFB (The Female Boss).


To some, she is just another gobby flash-in-the-pan Londoner, but to her fans she is a role-model, proving that the bright light of hope that perpetually glimmers in Tulisa can now shine just as bright in them too.