Courtney Cox and David Arquette separate

Hollywood couple Courtney Cox and David Arquette have confirmed that they have separated.

The couple confirmed the rumours by issuing a joint statement announcing the “trial separation”.  It is unsurprising as there have been pictures, stories and speculation surrounding the couple for some months now.

The couple met on the set of Scream and married three years later.  Ironically, they have just wrapped up filming for the fourth instalment of Scream and their relationship itself may be wrapped up too.   Forty-six year-old Courtney Cox and her 39 year-old husband Arquette who have been married for 11 years gave birth to their only child, their daughter, six year old Coco.  The pair also said that they remain best friends and intend to remain responsible parents to her.

They’re clearly spending time apart to determine their future.  There’s nothing like the clarity a bit of time away can bring.  They’ll then either want to completely break free from one another or have a reunion with a new appreciation and understanding of their relationship.

Best friend Jennifer Aniston is said to be urging the couple to fight for their marriage.