Cynthia Nixon Goes Bald

Cynthia Nixon baldSex and the City provided us with a host of giggles, cringes and great/awful sex that women still refer back to today. The main characters were made up of four fabulous women – Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davies and Cynthia Nixon – and since their roles in the hit TV-series and two very successful spin-off films, needless to say that all four women have maintained spotlight status!


However, now resident redhead Cynthia Nixon is making a name for herself for a much less glamorous reason than we would perhaps expect! The 45-year-old actress has made one of the boldest statements we have ever seen for her latest acting role: Nixon is set to play the role of a cancer-suffering professor in the latest production of Wit – which opens January 26th at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. In a bid to truly identify with her character and perfectly fill the role, one of TV’s favourite redheads has made the bold move of shaving her head for the duration of the play!


A recent TV interview revealed the change, much to our surprise, explaining that in a bid to fill the role as well as she can, Cynthia has opted out of hair for the foreseeable future.  While it may have been done for the benefit of the play, Nixon did admit during said interview that she is actually rather fond of her new look – although she isn’t sure how long it will last after the play. “I have to shave it every day!” she exclaimed with dismay at the level of maintenance her new style actually requires.


After recovering from the initial shock-reaction of seeing one of my favourite on-screen stars shed her gorgeous red locks, I’m inclined to say that the bold baldness is actually a look I could get used to seeing on Cynthia and we commend her bravery at taking such a huge step to demonstrate the effects of such a serious illness.  Good for you, Cynthia!


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