Dare To Bare? Jaimie Did!








Too much chest? Too much leg? This has always been a dilemma for many women around the world but luckily for me, I always had my mum to guide me in the right direction and remind me that some things were better left to the imagination. This was obviously not what Jaimie Alexander was taught. While multiples of fans made up the crowds during this weeks premier of Thor 2, admirers of the Marvel brand were shocked to see more of Jaimie than they had anticipated. The stunning actress arrived onto the red carpet wearing a particularly risqué number which left on lookers lost for words.

The floor length dress by Azzaro had sheer material on both the front and the back displaying several of Jaimie’s assets and most definitely leaving nothing to the imagination. Jaimie posed with several of her co-stars while multitasking to ensure that her assets didn’t become the star attraction which unsurprisingly failed, the saying ‘I hate to say I told you so’ seems to come into mind. The actress completed her red carpet look with an elegant up do and a pair of gold stilettos which in my opinion, despite being gorgeous, were a complete waste of time as these were not noticed. Despite the undeniable fact that with Jaimie’s slim, toned figure she pulls off the dress beautifully I cannot help but sound like a mother as I find myself screaming…what were you thinking! Jaimie may have grabbed the headlines with her daring choice of clothing but I cannot help but think that the dress was more inclined for bedroom attire and not for a red carpet event.

Despite Jaimie following in the footsteps of celeb icons such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna in her need to bare all, I’m undecided. There’s no denying that this is definitely a dress that will go down in red carpet history for being one of, if not the most risqué of all. Myself, I would envy the curvy figure Jaimie has but I’d be lying if I said I’d be happy to show it to the world. All this aside, it appears that Jaimie felt confident and looked glowing and despite the dress not being my cup of tea, only time will tell if her look will be remembered for the right reasons.

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  1. Sam says:

    Great article. Would have been way classier without so much on show. Think the amount of nudity such celebs display is sad, unhealthy for society and begs the question about their own mental state if, as celebs, they need that level of attention…