David Beckham the James Bond and the next Hollywood Mega Star

David Beckham could become the latest hot new movie hunk in Hollywood.  That’s right ladies, and gay gents, this rugged British hunk may be following in the footsteps of US heart throbs Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio.  Just when we thought Mr Beckham’s fame may have been about to embark upon a slight downward dip, we can reveal Tom Cruise is talking to Beckham about landing him a high-profile film role.



During the London premiere of his movie Knight and Day, Tom Cruise told reporters that “David can act” and went on to express desire to see him do so within glitzy Hollywood.  Not only does he reportedly believe he can see Beckham acting he suggested there were so many different roles he could exploit.



One would imagine Victoria Beckham would be rather keen too.  She could float down the red carpet in beautiful gowns on Oscar night, possibly the ultimate recognition for someone who is as fame-driven as she is.  She too has featured in American TV in shows such as Ugly Betty and fame-chasing aside surely she would be happy for her man to have a new career to be a big superstar in, particularly one that has a much longer shelf life than his current one.  Beckham himself is said to have hinted that him becoming an actor is always a possibility.  Why wouldn’t it?  Vinny Jones did it and the Beckhams rub shoulders with plenty of A-listers to make this easily a reality.



He may not have the right voice for it but he’d certainly make a ruggedly handsome James Bond or perhaps the star of a romcom.  Funny thing is, acting ability aside, at this stage one could really imagine him in a myriad of roles.  Well, only time will tell but it wouldn’t be surprising if by this time next year David Beckham has starred in a sitcom and has confirmed he’ll be working in an “up and coming Hollywood movie”.