Dec “Let’s not get ready to rumble”

Declan Donnelly – from the Ant and Dec TV duo, has announced ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ and ditched his girlfriend Georgie Thompson.


Dec who looks like butter wouldn’t melt, seems destined to follow in the footsteps of Hugh Grant and remain a proud bachelor after he called time on his two year relationship.


He stated that he “couldn’t commit” to the 33 year old Sky sports presenter.


Broken hearted Georgie broke her silence by posting on her Twitter page : ‘Breaking silence momentarily simply to say thank you for all your kind messages this morning. It means a great deal at a difficult time.’


The heartbroken star was reportedly hoping for marriage to be the result of their relationship, but Dec apparently ‘wasn’t ready to commit’, a seemingly common trait for a lot of men these days.


I wonder if the marriage and children conversation had come up earlier in their relationship. Was it an oversight on Thompsons part into thinking that maybe Declan would change his mind the further on into their relationship they went.


I do feel a bit sorry for her though given that she has invested two years into this relationship and she is probably at the age where she will be looking into the next step – marriage and children –well to most people that is!


So, why is marriage still an important factor in today’s society?


There is a need for emotional security which a woman cannot provide to herself. It also serves as a commitment from a woman’s partner.


If children are involved in the relationship then happy, stable marriages are still the most reliable ways to bring up happy, healthy children.


Finally for a lot of women there is a need to fulfill a childhood dream of a fairy tale wedding when they will be married in a perfect ceremony to the Prince Charming.


Let’s hope Georgie is able to find her Prince Charming in the near future.