Demi Moore is ‘sick to her stomach’

Demi MooreLet’s be honest, it is every ex’s nightmare to hear that their previous flame has hooked up with someone else and for Demi Moore this is no different. In fact, it is probably more painful to hear the news via the media, especially for someone who is constantly in the spotlight anyway.


Left in wonder and shock, the public were more than surprised to hear that pop-star Rihanna was spotted leaving notorious womanizer, Ashton Kutchers house at 4am one morning, which have now sparked reports of a possible romance since December 2011.


Since Demi has now caught whispering wind of the rumours, her friends have reported that the actress feels ‘sick to her stomach’ over the claims and honestly, who can blame her.


The ever sprouting stories of Rihanna and Ashtons dating have apparently sent Demi spiralling, leaving friends and family concerned about her well-being, especially since she only left rehab last month, following further claims that Ashton had cheated on her with a model in a hot tub.


The source told Grazia magazine: ‘Demi is constantly keeping tabs on Ashton so when these pictures came up she was understandably devastated. Demi’s convinced something happened between them and said she felt “sick to her stomach”.


“Demi is in such a fragile state; even the idea of them together has affected her quite badly.”


She is also said to feel ‘humiliated’ at the fact that Ashton has moved on so quick after many years of marriage together, especially with someone as big as Rihanna, who is also constantly in the public eye.


Rihanna was seen keeping her head down at LAX airport before boarding a flight and she is yet to comment on her relationship with Ashton. After hitting it off at a friend’s party in December, the pair have supposedly had a series of hook-ups, with Rihanna also asking to join his Kabbalah group.