Demi Moore’s Daughters On Ashton Kutcher’s Infidelity

Demi Moore and Ashton KutcherDemi Moore’s daughters are said to be “disgusted” over Ashton Kutcher’s latest infidelity as they watch their mother drop to 7st in weight.


It is sad that this beautiful actress is being humiliated so publicly… again.  Forget disgusted, the family (Bruce Willis included) should hire a removal van to get him out of the house?  They all gave their blessing when they were becoming a family.  Now they should all let him know he can’t mess with the Willis/Moore’s so easily.  Regain some dignity.


Surely two infidelities in one year is a clear enough sign that this person does not fear consequences, does not deeply love and care for Demi Moore, nor have sufficient respect for any of the family.  If Kutcher wants to end his relationship with Moore, fine.  You’re human and you live in a place that’s conducive to more cheating and divorce than probably any other place in the world but make a decision.  Having your cake and eating it when there are so many people’s hearts involved is so uncool.


The fact is that the public not only begins to dislike the perpetrator of such celebrity cheating, we also can’t help but lose respect for the victims who stick it out after more than one episode.  Making a mistake once is one thing.  Repeating it a la Ashley Cole is another.  When Coleen Rooney took Wayne Rooney back after his first adulterous affair with an aged hooker (or whatever the correct term is) we can try to understand that she wanted to give him another chance.  When it happens again, especially when the victim is pregnant with his child, you begin to detest the lack of back-bone and more importantly, the message it sends out to other adulterers and potential victims.


Cheryl Cole may not realise it but one can’t help but wonder whether she has lost some of her shine because of her stupid antics of chasing after love rat Ashley Cole.  The world was behind her, and proud of her, when she told him it was over.  As time’s gone by she’s slowly tried to revisit their relationship possibilities, all the while disappointing her fans and herself.  When Elin Elin Nordegren learned of Tiger Wood’s appalling behaviour there was some concern amongst women that she would take him back and when she did not we couldn’t help but warm to her for her display of self-respect.


Will Demi Moore ever be able to find true happiness with Kutcher now?  Going forward, will she ever experience true security in their relationship?  What will she do to her own sense of self-worth by staying with him.  No-one can judge what’s right for someone else’s relationship but we can hope that Demi Moore finds the best answers for herself.