Denise Welch Accused Of Two Affairs

Denise Welch affairShe may well have been on cloud nine with her success on the hit reality TV show Big Brother, but today Denise Welch has slipped back down to earth with a bang.


The 53-year-old loose woman was crowned winner of Big Brother last week, but today Denise Welch is facing allegations she cheated on her husband, Tim Healy, with not one, but two other men, both of which are considerably younger.


The TV star has apparently been in a ‘relationship’ with 26-year-old toyboy Tom Hopkins, for four months after meeting at a wake, and this allegation comes just hours after another man made a similar seperate claim.


That other man being 39-year-old party planner Lincoln Townley, who also made allegations that he had an affair with the star, claiming he met the actress in a London club and she then went back with him to his apartment. He then went on to claim he saw Denise for a further eight months after first meeting, getting serious in September with Lincoln’s friend claiming they had “fallen in love” and that Denise was planning on leaving her husband Tim after she finished up on Celebrity Big Brother.


Adding fire to the fuel, Tom went on to describe his romance with Denise, claiming the pair met for lunch dates and talked on the phone regularly, adding that once they drove to Mayfair Hotel where she took off her clothes and ran down the road in just her underwear.


A spokesman for the TV star and presenter has since denied both allegations, he said: “We believe these allegations to be false.”


It seems like a coincidence that these allegations have been made just days after Denise won Big Brother, anyone else think publicity stunt? Denise has been married to Benidorm star Tim for 23 years and the pair have two children together so let’s just hope this is all hearsay.