Denise Welch Wins Celebrity Big Brother

Denise WelchDenise Welsh has been crowned Celebrity Big Brother winner of 2012!


The loose women star, clearly suffering from shock, held onto runner up Frankie Cocozza as he prepared to leave the house. She told Brian Dowling: “Honest to God, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so lost for words. I’m not gonna be modest, it feels bloody brilliant!”


“I was just trying to prove to the twins that you don’t need a boob job.” She joked when watching the footage of her naked jacuzzi. Denise, who repeatedly stripped during her stay in the BB house caused controversy with less liberal housemates.


Runner up and bookie’s favourite to win, Frankie Cocozza left the house to a warm applause. He told Brian Dowling: “I was expecting to go in and then leave after a few days.”


Playboy bunny twins Kristina and Karissa and Michael Madsen were the first housemates to face the public’s double eviction and were met by boos. The twins told Dowling: “We just know we’re very popular… They probably think we’re arrogant but we don’t care. We wanna inspire other young women to be confident in themselves.”


Nice guy Gareth Thomas – a former bookie’s favourite to win – left third to cheers and a warm reception. He told the crowd: “I tried to get on with everyone, I tried to be myself with everyone. I didn’t try for people to like me, I just liked them.”


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