Disgraced Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Divorced

They wish “each other the very best for the future” but that future won’t be spent together as Tiger Woods and Swedish wife Elin Nordegren officially divorced today.

The marriage was formally dissolved in a Florida court today but they shall be sharing joint custody of their two children.

The world became privy to the golfer’s private world as news of a string of infidelities surfaced as a result of his car crash on November 27th, 2009.

Once news broke of Woods’ failings as a husband he made a carefully-staged televised apology, albeit a very wooden one.  Although he had been involved in a number of extra-marital affairs with various women, including a porn actress and cocktail waitress, it appeared as though his wife had stood by her man.

We are glad to see that, in fact, Elin Nordegren has proved she has some self-respect by dumping this clearly selfish, thoughtless man.

Since his post therapy return to professional golf he has not won a single tournament.  Well, what goes around comes around…


  1. cheryl says:

    I’m glad Elin dumped this loser & I hope she finds a really nice guy, who will love
    & be faithful to her. Tiger is a selfish pig, he doesn’t care about his kids or he
    wouldn’t have been bagging those skanks & possibly exposing his wife to an STD
    or worse HIV. I hope his career goes down the toilet he has an awful shallow life
    & gets what he deserves. When his kids grow up & find out what a dirt bag he is
    they won’t respect him that will be his just desert

  2. No matter what Tiger did currently to his household. In my heart, Tiger is nevertheless the legend of golf. I assist you Tiger!

  3. now that tiger woods is divorced, i bet he gets together with one of his mistresses

  4. Elin Nordegren sure has got a good amount of money out of the recent divorce. It seems that since Woods was caught cheating, the media is going crazy with sports stars and affairs recently a UK soccer star called Wayne Rooney has been caught cheating! Thanks, Adam