Elizabeth Taylor – Leaves A Legacy

A legendary film star, a fighter and a kind-hearted lady.  Elizabeth Taylor is a great example of leaving a legacy when it’s time to go.


She played the never-to-be-forgotten role of Cleopatra in the famous 1963 movie like no other beauty could.  The film nearly bankrupted 20th Century Fox but went on to win four awards and was nominated for many, many others.  But it was not her first film.  Another child star, like her close friend Michael Jackson, she debuted on the silver screen at age nine.  Her mother had initially been reluctant for her young daughter to embark on an acting career at such a young age but the little beauty was snapped up rather quickly and won long contracts at a very young age.  Some could say she was meant to be Elizabeth Taylor, super star, iconic beauty, activist and humanitarian.


She was married eight times, to seven husbands, as she remarried Richard Burton less than two years after divorcing.  They were initially married for ten years, the second marriage only lasted a short while though.  They were the hot celebrity couple of their time and the attention they received was immense.


Elizabeth Taylor had been fighting illnesses for much of her life.  At one time she laughingly recalled an occasion when newspapers had announced her death to the world and published her obituary when she was well and truly still with us.


To a legend, a most amazing beauty, a gracious, affectionate, charismatic winner… you gave the world much… may you rest in peace.


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