Ella Harriet Laver’s Got ‘The London Look’

Ella LaverElla Laver has won the hearts of a nation and secured a contract to become one of the faces of a famous make-up brand, by winning a public vote in More magazine to be named Miss Rimmel Sunshimmer

(Grimsby Telegraph Nov 2011)


Last year, Ella Laver, 20, was imagining every young girl’s desire of becoming the face of an international cosmetics company and her attempts to crack the cut-throat industry were starting to become more of a reality.


Previously reaching the semi-finals of Miss England 2008, Ella was then signed to a top London modelling agency but her dream didn’t stop there. She then went on to become the face of top fashion brand Miss Selfridge, advertising there petite range online and decided to try and embrace the one insecurity that appeared to be standing in the way – her 5ft3 height, which made her different from the stereotypical 5ft10 model. “I entered the Rimmel Sun Shimmer campaign because there were no height restrictions; I am petite so I find it hard to find modelling agencies who will take me on.”


Now, after brushing off thousands of applicants and fully applying her dedication to capture the backing of our nation to become Miss Rimmel Sunshimmer, Ella, is glowing with appreciation, without having to use a sunbed. “I was overwhelmed and excited and I cried when I found out I had won. It’s a dream come true for me, I’m so passionate about modelling and it shows you can be any size to model.” Also supporting another belief of hers, Ella stated: “The girls in my flat and I always use Sunshimmer. It’s so easy to apply and this campaign shows young girls they don’t need to go on sunbeds to get a tan.”


Expecting to hear the usual answers of ‘having my hair done’, ‘getting my makeup done’ or ‘modelling amazing clothes’ when asked what the best part of winning so far has been, Ella gave me a refreshing response: “The best part is how proud my family are of me, my parents are so supportive.  They have driven me round the country and have been my biggest believers so this means the world to them as much as it does me.” She then added: “Another best part of winning was for everyone who supported me and helped me achieve such a big dream of mine.”


Her achievement has undoubtedly made many people close to Ella extremely thankful and appreciative of the public who helped and supported her, with her parents – Janice and Simon – along with her siblings, stating that they are “incredibly proud”. She was also crowned a “worthy winner” by a huge Twitter following and Facebook fan base and after speaking to Ella in person, I couldn’t agree more.


Yet, perceptions of personality are easily assumed within the modelling culture and speaking about her celebrity inspirations surrounding the fashion world, Ella insists it is important to stay grounded. “Natalie Portman is so natural and Jennifer Lopez is so effortlessly stunning and down to earth.”


Hoping to make history and stick to her morals surrounding model sizes, Ella wants to “be the first petite model to grace runways” as proof every girl should be body confident. But even after being plummeted into the spotlight, Ella’s university will be happy to hear she hasn’t disregarded her education “I am currently at university studying fashion buying which I love and will continue with! So if the modelling doesn’t  work out I have this to fall back on as one day I want to travel the world, visit different cultures and be a fashion buyer.”


Speaking about her first photo-shoot being a surreal experience, Ella said: “It was a dream come true, I enjoyed the day so much I would love to relive it every day.” She then went on to add: My campaign will be in shops, magazines and websites in April, I will have my own stand in Superdrug. The whole experience has been amazing! I will never forget it and hopefully will bring more opportunities for me.”


Taking to twitter after reaching the finishing line and without having to imagine every young girl’s desire anymore, @EllHarrietLaver quoted:


‘I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot’ xX My Dreams Have recently Become Reality, I am the new face of Rimmel SunShimmer.’


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