Eva Longoria Post Divorce

Eva LongoriaIt’s the best medicine for the broken heart.  Dating a sexy man or woman to help you get over your ex is the ultimate high when one needs it most.  It’s no surprise that sexy, sweet, beautiful Eva Longoria has decided to sip from this very elixir after deciding to split from her sportsman husband.

Eva Longoria filed for divorce after revelations her basket ball player husband Tony Parker was having extra-marital relations with the partner of an old team mate.  Devastated, the Latino beauty has since been seen hanging out in the company of Eduardo Cruz (Penelope cruz’s brother).  Although they appeared to be hanging out as friends, there is still no denying the healing effect this can have.  Apparently sleaze John Mayer is keen to help her get over cheating Tony Parker but we do hope that is one rebound relationship she doesn’t opt for.  One thing’s for sure, she’ll have no shortage of men knocking on her door.

Longoria has reportedly been keeping herself busy with her work on the film set of Desperate Housewives and has recently had her tattoo of her wedding date removed.  Like Sandra Bullock she’s showing the world her strength and charging forward.