Daisy Lowe and Matt SmithIt seems that even a model and a time lord can’t always get their happy ever after. British model and DJ Daisy Lowe is reported to have split once again from her actor boyfriend Dr Who star Matt Smith, although they reconciled previously after a prior split back in May.  The latest stories have suggested that this time it could be permanent.


The break up seems to have come as something of a surprise to friends of the couple, with one source telling the Sun that “This has come as a surprise to everyone.. They always seemed so happy together” and that the pair were “besotted” with each other. However it seems to be that, as with other celebrity relationships, it’s the problem of their work that could be the cause. After an 18 month relationship saw them go thorough a number of periods apart, including Daisy flying to the United States for a Playboy shoot, while Matt has been filming on various projects including the film Bert and Dickie and the Dr Who Christmas special, the couple have apparently been able to spend little time in the same country, let alone together.


Work may not be the only issue that’s been a problem, with some other reports also suggesting that Matt could have been reluctant to settle down even with stunning model Daisy. So far neither Matt nor Daisy have commented on the apparent split, but after their previous break up even a potential reunion may stand a slim chance of success.


After her split with previous boyfriend Mark Ronson, Daisy was seen out with her ex Will Cameron. Although there have been no stories emerge as yet as to whether there has been any contact between the pair, what happens next remains to be seen. It’s a shame though. We really thought Daisy and Matt were a great couple (albeit with numerous PDA’s in the press) but let’s see if time really is up for them.