Fight For This Love

Cheryl ColeWhere has the Chezza we know and love gone? In a bid to reignite her embarrassed career and to reign once more as ‘the nation’s sweetheart’ Cheryl Cole has taken to staging out-of-character publicity stunts and seems to have gone into PR overload. After being (a-hem) let go from the US series of X Factor Chezza retreated into hiding, and she seems to be handling her re-emergence back into the spot light with the same amount of grace and humility.


Big hair, big rumors and big break-ups appear to be the plan of action from camp Cole. What’s next? Big Brother? Working the media is a key part of being in the public eye but there’s a vast difference between Kerry Katona’s charm offensive (and motives) and Simon Cowell’s.


Her recent trip to Afghanistan to raise troop’s morale seems to have set chins wagging for the wrong reasons, in particular press photos of her brandishing a gun have raised a few eye brows about the message she is sending as a role model. The staged attempt to win back the nation’s hearts and show case her girl-next-door image was finished off with the revelation she swapped phone numbers with a sexy soldier. After her trip, Cheryl said:

“Not only are the soldiers incredibly brave, a few were incredibly cute. There was a bit of banter with a couple of the lads and yes, a few flirted I think.

“I came back with a phone number from one lad, although I think his talking to me was a dare.

“I think I am going to call him this week and let’s see what happens. I’m sure he’s not expecting us to, but that’s why it’ll be funny.”


Shocking that such a private and tight-lipped celeb should want to reveal personal details about a close relationship, the press must think it’s Christmas! It’s not as if she has a new shoe collection to promote or she’s making a comeback with her old band…oh wait, she is.


The fact is Cheryl Cole is Cheryl Cole, she never needed to try hard to win our affections, we even loved her mediocre music because we wore our Cole tinted glasses with pride. She effortlessly charmed us, from her dimples to her Geordie accent; her friendly warmth is palpable and you can’t help but feel you know her. She had the rug pulled from under her feet like we all do at some point and this only made her more human and more admirable.


Please Chezza, remember – a Queen reigns because she was born a Queen and the public will always adore her, but if you insist on trying to pull off Marie Antoinette style hair don’t forget what happened to her when she underestimated her subjects…


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