Frankie Sandford’s New Crop

Frankie Sandford - super short hairFrankie Sandford of ‘The Saturdays’ has gone one step further with her usual short hair style and opted for an elfin inspired pixie crop, much like the one Victoria Beckham sported back in 2008.


The singer’s signature short hair with a sweeping fringe has been her trademark for a while now so she obviously felt like it was time for a change. It seems that Frankie isn’t the only celebrity going for the chop either, Emma Watson famously cut her hair after filming the last Harry Potter film as a way of detaching herself from the role of Hermione. American actress Evan Rachel Wood recently cut her hair into a choppy, quiffed crop, a drastic change from her usual long and glamourous locks.


It takes a very feminine and dainty face shape to be able to pull off this look, Frankie manages to do it well because she is petite and girly. The singer obviously suits short hair as it is a style she keeps going back to. I wonder which celebrity will be next in sporting this much coveted hairstyle…


Image courtesy of Daily Mail

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  1. Nikki says:

    I love Frankie, and I love Pixie’s but come on guys she’s obviously got drunk and someone’s taken her to the Barbers for a ‘short back and side’!