Gaga Stunt – So What!

Bill Hicks on stage


Smoking a cannabis joint on stage during her concert in Holland, Gaga made it into the news, but is it really newsworthy?


Let’s face it, Snoop did this years ago.  Doesn’t really make much of a statement.  Plus, the likes of Bill Hicks, legendary outspoken comedian (now deceased) was speaking about this stuff on stage YEARS ago.  Sure it was relevant to the setting – Holland – legal cannabis – but it still seems a bit too contrived?


Is there anything original about Gaga?  The meat dress, the cone bra, the spliff – we’ve seen it all done before by other celebrities before her.  Is it Gaga that comes up with these “creative” ideas or her team?  The other question it begs is, is she losing her touch?  Is this what it’s come down to?


Anyway, for a snippet of Bill Hicks talking about marijuana, view this video…




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