Gaga Unleashes Second Album!

Lady Gaga - Born This WayThe wait is finally over for little monsters everywhere as Lady Gaga’s second masterpiece, Born This Way, was released this Monday. I can honestly say that I have not been this excited about an album release since….. well I can’t remember when I have ever been this excited.


Apparently I am not alone in my excitement: internet retailer experienced server failure after offering the new album to American customers for less than a dollar. The rush for people to cash in on this offer caused the site to crash.


Ever since she burst into our lives back in 2008 with Just Dance, Lady Gaga has become the most talked about artist within the music industry. Her first album, The Fame, has provided us with some of the best pop songs in recent years. Bad Romance, Telephone, Poker Face and Paparazzi are just some of her incredible collection of hits that she has masterminded.


After years of bland and oh-so-similar indie bands ruling the charts, it is nice that we have a bit of colour and glam back in the music industry. There is reason why her fans simply adore her and it extends beyond her musical capabilities. She is well known for being a strong advocate for LGBT rights, hence the well-known meat dress. Speaking about the meat-dress and what it symbolizes she said:“If we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones.” The lyrics of the new album’s title track, Born This Way, are all about encouraging you to embrace everything about you: “I’m beautiful in my way, cuz God makes no mistakes. I’m on the right track baby I was born this way!”

Second albums are always the hardest for any artist, especially when the first was such a success. There is always pressure for  an artist to further out-do themselves, which must be virtually impossible for somebody like Lady Gaga who gives 100% all of the time. Having downloaded the album from i-Tunes earlier today I can safely say that it was worth the wait. Whether it is as good as The Fame is a matter of personal preference but the hard-work and energy that has gone into making it is evident. Personal favourite track is The Edge Of Glory.

My parents are forever banging on about how The Beatles or Michael Jackson defined popular music: well maybe Gaga has done that for our generation.


  1. Hannah says:

    See I am one for those indie/folk lovers but even I LOVE Lady Gaga, there really is something about her that transcends genres. I love how she is so quirky, so stylish and so theatrical. I have been dying for someone like her to come along and can imagine my kids pinning pictures of her on thier walls in a “retro” way much like I do with pictures of Madonna and Marilyn Monroe! Love her.

  2. Victoria says:

    Everybody loves the Gaga. I can picture myself telling my children to ‘Put their paws up’ whenever Born this way comes on the radio.