GAMU…. like it or not, that’s the law!

Call me selfish, but I can’t help feeling this whole story with Gamu has a pretty simple ending…. send her back to her home country. Gamu first came in to the public eye with a performance on The X Factor, she wowed fans and critics alike, all judges loved the performance she gave, and she continued on, she made it all the way to judges house…. and that is where this story really begins. It was at Judges houses where Cher and Katie both had bad performances, and Gamu as always delivered a brilliant performance…. this, however, wasn’t enough and Cheryl decided not to take her in to the next round. That is when uproar began. Cheryl Cole was loved by the British press and now they were all against her, apparently her decision was a poor one and one that should have been changed. Then came the interesting part, Gamu and her family were in the process of been deported. You see her mum had out stayed her Visa and had actually taken a further £16,000 in benefits that she was no longer entitled to. So what was to be done. Well everyone called for Gamu to be kept in the country, Gamu herself went public with her fear that she would face the firring squad if she returned, which is highly unlikely as her family have lived there perfectly fine. Gamu claims to have to start her life again and have nothing if she goes back. Let me ask something, had Gamu not appeared on X Factor, would anyone really care? Her family broke immigration laws, following that they broke British law by claiming benefits she was not eligible for. If this was just a person in the paper, well in this current economic time of cut backs, and cash strapped families, I can only imagine there would be one thing to say…. send her back! So why is it different because she is a celebrity (well for a little bit anyway). Only last night she appeared at the MOBO’s and claimed to have forgiven Cheryl Cole…. I am sure Cheryl can now sleep easy knowing that…. however, if there was a finger to be pointed, maybe you should look a little closer to home Gamu…. I don’t think it was Cheryl who got you deported, that I am afraid has more to do with your mother.


Sean Bromley