Gary Barlow – The Star That’s Still Rising

Gary BarlowIs there something about the number one seat on the judging panel of X Factor that makes the likes of average looking Simon Cowell and Gary Barlow more attractive?  The lead singer of Take That was always outshone by his other four band members in the looks department and he was never picked up by my radar but as I watch him on the talent show I can’t help but be drawn in by those eyes of his.  The twinkling eyes, the very subtle flirtation between him and the also much improved Kelly Rowland, the smart advice, the confidence.  I never thought I’d think this, let alone say it, but Gary Barlow is actually quite cute now!


Of course it’s not just the fact that he has aged well.  If his advice as a judge was on a par with Cheryl Cole things would be different.  The fact that he is a truly professional talent himself with 20 years of know-how that no-one can refute only adds to the sex appeal.  When he was first announced as a judge I think many of us were worried that he would have difficulties standing out on the judging panel.  We wondered if he could fill Simon Cowell’s boots.  It’s refreshing to see that Barlow not only fills Cowell’s boots, he adds to them.  Dermot O’Leary is said to have purported that no-one dare talk back to Barlow because they know he has the credentials.  He says “no” to many untalented wannabes, even when the other judges will vote them in purely for the sake of entertainment or because they’re being soft and acting out of pity rather than professionalism.


Gary Barlow has proved to the UK audiences that he knows his stuff, he means business and that he can handle the talent fairly without being unnecessarily rude.  No doubt whoever makes it through to the boys category will enjoy being mentored by Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams in LA.  Barlow will be tough on those that make it through to his category but only because he knows what it takes to come out on top and he clearly won’t shy away from speaking his mind.


I for one am looking forward to seeing the new, sexier Gary Barlow on the forthcoming weeks of X Factor.