Geordies Revealed As Biggest Flirts!

Nigella LawsonA UK study surrounding relationship trends, has found married Geordies in their thirties are the nation’s biggest flirts.


52 per cent of the Newcastle naughty’s are said to be ‘over-friendly’ in the workplace, aiming suggestive glances or smiles at colleagues.  While others choose to send a variety of flowers to display their affection.


The most flirtatious professions were found to include; teachers, accountants and politicians and other unusual locations Brits sought romance included funerals and hospitals. Surprisingly, bars and nightclubs appeared at the bottom of the ranking.


Katie Price and Nigella Lawson were rated the top two flirtatious celebrity females and TOWIE star Mark Wright and Simon Cowell – known for THAT suggestive wink – also came out on top.


However, 25 per cent of the adults surveyed, claimed to never flirt with someone they are attracted to.


The findings from the survey have now marked the UK’s first ever National Flirt Day on February 2nd, which is said to be the day that adults are most likely to make romantic overtures.


So, lookout for that cheeky wink or suggestive smile and who knows what will happen!