Holden Home With Daughter Hollie

Amanda Holden whilst pregnant with HollieAmanda Holden is recovering at home after being discharged from hospital following her life-threatening birth to new daughter Hollie.


The Britian’s Got Talent judge, reportedly battled for her life after undergoing a series of emergency blood transfusions due to complications with a caesarean birth, although this has not been confirmed.


New born Hollie, had trouble breathing and was put in a respirator in a special care unit.


Her spokeswoman, Alison Griffin said: “We are delighted to say that Amanda is now home. She and Chris would like to thank everyone who was involved in her care for their amazing skill and dedication, and also to thank everyone who sent such kind thoughts and wishes during this time.


“She is, of course, thrilled to be home with her family – Hollie is absolutely beautiful and Amanda and Chris are completely besotted with their two girls.”


Holden, 40, had previously surprised with her fashion choices during the filming of Britain’s Got Talent. A few days later, she had suddenly left filming a session of the show and checked herself into hospital, unaware of the ordeal ahead.


Amanda and her husband, Chris Hughes, a record producer, have expressed their gratitude to medical staff for her care.


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