Holy Harijuku, what big bones you have, Gwen!

Gwen StefaniIt’s no wonder that we stress so much over every morsel that passes our lips with the way that weight-gain and dieting is perpetually presented in the media as being either too much, too little, or just simply not good enough; there really is no pleasing anybody!


As a woman who enjoys food, I see all of this dieting to be absolute malarkey. Now, I’m not talking about the good dieting of, say, cutting out all junk foods and stodgy sinners, but the absolutely baffling, ghastly diets that are paraded around as the new ‘in’ thing, which, unfortunately, are the most widely mimicked.


Gwen Stefani was recently labelled as ‘stunning’ and ‘smoking’ after under-going what can only be described as a military-style commitment to self-satisfaction. Does nobody, let alone Gwen Stefani, know who Gwen Stefani is? Do they not clock how skinny she is already, without having to do any more dieting?! Reportedly, she only ate raw foods as a kind-of detox before a holiday with the family. Understandable, a beach-body is key, but not a skeletal one. She has the most notoriously trimmed body in the biz, so what kind of message does that put out if she is incensed on losing even MORE weight when she’s already at least two sizes smaller than the average woman? No wonder women around the world are eating their feelings! Well, wouldn’t you if you didn’t have the will-power, time or patience to burn off every calorie like pencil-proportioned Gwen?


But what is even more bizarre is how, even within the next few pages of most magazines, we’re then shown pictures of celebrities ‘stuffing their faces’ in all manners of mid-digestion, slurpy, sloppy, tongue-and-teeth-out ‘frenzy’. The magazines describe these photos in such a diabolical manner it is no surprise that readers would flip back to the pages of skinny celebrities, clinging to the pages and seeking unnatural and unnecessary inspiration.


Why condemn others for eating, making them look like ravaging tyrants, when they’re the most glamorous people on the planet? It’s not exactly jaw-dropping when pictures of celebrities eating emerge from the woodwork, but it is insightful. We should be satisfied enough with ourselves in order to feel good, and not wait for others to criticise and dim our happiness.


Remember that happiness isn’t at the bottom of an ice-cream tub, neither will you find it at the final bite of a celery stick. Eat healthily and, just for your own sake, never do an all-raw diet… raw chicken and chips would never go down too well.