How Victoria Beckham Was Made, Hated and Slated

Victoria BeckhamI think I’m in deep girl-lust for Victoria Beckham, so much it actually hurts. She has everything anybody could ever ask for: the stupidly gorgeous footballer husband, the stupidly successful girl-band career, the stupidly slick fashion line, the money, the fame, the perfect family, so it seems no wonder she gets her fair share of haters, looking at her like that new extortionate D&G watch on the shelf and saying, yeah well, I didn’t want it anyway, that one’s stupid, whilst looking forlornly at your very own ramshackled one that tells the time backwards. But if you loved her as much as I do, you’d probably be comparing her to a Hermes or Balenciaga bag, but I had to keep it casual for the purposes of the Intro.


There have been a fair share of events on the Victoria Beckham timeline that any gossip-mag reader could pluck from the air without a second thought, so let’s start from the beginning…

  • People bagging on her dramatic weight loss in the early 2000s
  • The infidelity scare of the 15-minutes of fame extrovert, Rebecca Loos
  • Single-handedly taking the WAGs’ flack for ‘corrupting’ the 2006 World Cup in Germany
  • Putting her status on the line by launching a fashion line when fashion snobs deemed her nothing more than ‘inexperienced’ prior to her range, and…
  • Ultimately creating and hand-shaping the term ‘WAG’ into a reputable acronym for something that nobody could’ve cared about before, whilst shifting the associations with this term to match her lifestyle, dependent on which pinnacle in her life she was at.


Consider how many girls (foolishly) exclaim, ‘I wanna be a WAG!!’ Well, she is the reason why. She is the woman that made this, as well as everything else in her life, desirable.


Remember when she monopolised fashion headlines with her constant hairstyle-shifting that she, quite honestly, pulled off on every occasion in a transition so smooth and tidy that Rihanna could only envy? From the early, caramel spiky crop [2000], to the tousled highlighted extensions [2003], to the blonde bob [2006], and then brown [2007], followed by the dark pixie crop [2008], and then finally wrapping them up in a current mix of them all with the tousled bob, regularly coupled with extensions for a sleek ponytail. In the same way that Victoria’s hair has transformed over the years, this is just another way for her to clear her throat and say to the world, say all you want about me, but I’ll never lose it.


What Victoria also inherently has is endurance, with everything she does. From her fashion line, to her successful marriage, to her family that can only be deserving of some kind of medal, it seems that those empty boxes on Victoria’s list are being filled by a big, bold tick.


Being in one of the world’s most famously successful marriages and existing in what can only be described as a line-up of elements that are a contemporary recipe for disaster, Victoria’s success has stood the test of time. As the spokeswoman for living as an athlete’s wife, Beckham refuses to be shepherded into the same predictable box that lumped Eva Longoria-Parker, Cheryl Cole, and Toni Terry together, just to name a few, with the breaking of their marriage through typical sportstar infidelity. Victoria, being paired with the most successful, most famous, and best-looking football-player within the stratosphere, perhaps Victoria would be expected to live her life behind the shadows, willing her marriage to work, being at David’s beck and call to preserve his love for her, and not allow him to scamper away from her clutches? No, this is not the case whatsoever. She seems to have this incredible faith in herself and her husband that tells the world I am more than enough for my husband, and it’s for this reason that their marriage works so well. And, as further clarification of their unpenetrable ties, little girl, Harper Seven, was only recently added to the mix, ticking another box this time beside the one entitled ‘Have baby girl’.


It’s easy to imagine that Victoria is this miserable, sullen, gaunt lady that people like to portray her as in the media; the public don’t like a success story when there has been no primordial dip of unluckiness. It is difficult to love something when there has been no come-back, rags-from-riches, sympathetically-appealing story attached to them like a re-usable barcode on their forehead that we have all come to unknowingly pine for. We are a generation waiting for the demise of someone in the spotlight, so that we can say with all unlawful integrity we forgive you , but no matter how much Victoria is shot down, it doesn’t seem to matter in the slightest, she is who she is. She is a woman that doesn’t feel the need to seek approval from the faceless and nameless world that live viciously, yet vicariously, through her, and it’s for this reason that her life’s still the thrilling front-page story material that we can’t help but have a sneaky peek at.