In With The Old, Out With The New?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly setting up home together in Wales, adding fuel to speculation that they will shortly announce their plans to marry.

Sources close to the couple state that Miss Middleton has given up her full-time job at her family’s internet party planning business, Party Pieces, in order to spend her time at William’s home in North Wales while he trains to be an RAF search-and-rescue heli­copter pilot.

Some are excited at the thought that their long-term relationship may have secretly been cemented with a marriage proposal, whilst others moan and groan at her lack of commitment to any real work, voluntary or otherwise, that would gain her the respect of the public.  Whether or not it would befit a future Queen to be working on a family-run web­site, surely there is plenty of charity work to be done?  Or is it OK to play the dutiful housewife?

Why has “housewife” become a dirty word in today’s British society?  Surely it has nothing to do with the rest of the world how a husband and wife choose to create their nest.

According to UK tabloid newspaper, Daily Mail, ‘William will be training for three years and they agreed that Kate should be closer to him.  They go out to the shops in Blaenau Ffestiniog for groceries and she’s settling in well.’  So she’s moved to be close to her man.  Plenty of people do that.  So she’s decided to give up her day job because… she doesn’t need one, being a princess in the making and so forth.  Plenty of women marrying wealthy men do that too!  Oh no, now that Kate Middleton’s in the limelight she is expected to fit the idea of the 21st century woman who has a successful career and a baby at aged 40 with the help of IVF and a caesarean birth!  Anyway, why the big shock and animosity towards her?  Did her somewhat dowdy dress-sense (sorry Kate) never suggest to the public that she was always going to be the more traditional type?

What seems to have been forgotten is that if both halves of a couple are happy playing their traditional relationship roles then this can lead to a very blissful partnership, and maybe chasing the dream of a 21st century relationship is the reason for high divorce rates today.