Injury puts Posh on her back

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham has it all.


A former Spice Girl and married to one of the world’s most famous footballers. She has four beautiful children, homes in LA and England and is a global brand in the fashion industry.


Yes she seems to have it all.


She is one of those celebrities that I have never felt any pity for, not that I spend my days feeling sorry for many fame seeking, spotlight driven people.


Yesterday I felt different. I learnt that since Victoria gave birth to her daughter, baby Harper Seven some five weeks ago she has been mostly bed-bound following a slipped disc.


At 37, Victoria is currently unable to perform the medial tasks such as being able to hold her baby through the crippling pain that she is experiencing with her back.


Mrs Beckham who is due to unveil her Spring/Summer collection at New York Fashion Week in September has been rumoured to be in hiding. Reports of a strict diet and exercise routine to shed those post-baby pounds were denied when an insider reported that she is indeed bed-ridden.


“She was suffering with a bad back throughout her pregnancy, and then something untoward happened during the C-section , badly aggravating it”


“She has had an X-ray which showed she has slipped a disc in her lower back”.


“Victoria is down about the whole thing, as she just wants to be able to play with her daughter like any new mum”.


Thankfully for her, being married to her famous footballing husband has its perks as he has referred her to specialists and physiotherapists, linked to his football club LA Galaxy.


So, why has this news made me feel sorry for the multi-millionaire?


For over three months now I have been struggling with a slipped disc which is pressing on my sciatic nerve.


It is a horrendous pain which has caused me to have to cancel my summer holiday as I was not fit to travel. My life has changed overnight, no impact sports which means I haven’t been able to run or play netball since this happened.


It has affected me both physically and mentally, and even with all the money that Posh has, I am sure that not being able to lead a normal, active life will be affecting her too.


But, as I write this I look around and see my ironing pile grow, my car need washing and many other tasks which I am not fit enough to undertake.


My sympathy disappears somewhat as I remember that ironing and cleaning will still be getting done in the Beckham household.


And I doubt it will be David sporting a VB designed pinny.


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