Is It Always Best To Come Clean?

Nicole ScherzingerIt’s one of those age-old mantras – ‘honesty is the best policy’, but does that always remain true in the celebrity world?



If there was a prize for best celebrity body, I could, hands down proclaim Nicole Scherzinger was top dog. She’s lean and toned, yet extraordinarily effeminate looking – she has what most teenage girls aspire to and has in itself demanded most of Scherzy’s press coverage. Pussycat Dolls would have, admittedly, been nothing without Nicole’s rock-hard abs or lubricous limbs. She was the poster girl that left us all saying ‘yes, I do wish I was ‘hot like you’’. Easy, simple, done. Aspirational figure Blu-tacked to the wall. This is where the countless hours of gym and dieting begin. And this is a good thing, it’s given us that extra kick up the backside that we tried so hard to manufacture for years. Seeing it in the flesh is another thing, knowing it is in fact do-able. That last slice of cake isn’t half as daunting now Scherzy’s there to lend a disappointed eye and let you know this isn’t the way to go, it’s the greatest stimulus you could’ve asked for. So what do we do when this guru, the one who we all took advice from, cut out segments from magazines about her fitness tips and health kicks, tells us it was all because she was bulimic?


Nicole has recently took to VH1 to reveal her struggle with bulimia during her Pussycat Doll days.  She stated how, “My bulimia was my addiction; hurting myself was my addiction”, all when we thought it was all plain sailing. Now, rather than mourning her torment, I can’t help but feel a little revered at this revelation. Yes, you did suffer. Yes, it must have been awful for you. Your body suffered, you got sad, etc. etc. But realise who you are confessing to. As a role model, it is your duty to stand in your very own glass jar, being unashamedly unfazed by the silver bullets that could cause you to crumble in an environment that lies in wait for you to falter. What you’ve just admitted to is that, after ingraining in us that this body is desirable and accessible, it is in fact an entire myth. It was done through sticking two fingers down your throat and heaving out that biscuit. It’s basically letting you know this sort of aspirational figure is only achievable through all you thought unnecessary.


I understand her ‘telling’ interview was probably a weight off her shoulders, but we don’t need to know this. We’re not going to feel sorry for her, if anything we’ll feel most sorry for ourselves, that it’s either bulimia or bust.  How much can she really be getting off her chest at this late stage? Even when she’s admitted to it, people still refuse to believe in it, posting on forums that she couldn’t have been due to her ‘perfect hair and skin’. We choose not to believe what we feel is true for the sake of ourselves in this case. Take down that poster, cut up those diet tips and tricks – this should be nothing you’ll be rushing to aspire to.


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