Is Kim Too Big?

News just in… Kim Cattrall (aka Samantha in SATC – like you didn’t already know) is apparently too ‘curvy’ to fit into the hundreds of freebies sent to her by young designers.

Following on from Christina Hendricks’ (Man Men) complaint of the same nature, Kim said, “I’m not a sample size like Sarah or Kristen…so I had to wear a lot of vintage pieces”. WHAT? ARE THESE PEOPLE FOR REAL?

Looking through pictures of Kim online, she must be the equivalent of a UK size 6-8 tops (she’s smaller than me anyway)  and anyone who has seen Sex and the City must have longed for her ‘fabulous abs’ but at the same time noticed her protruding ribs.

I have to be honest; Kim’s statement has really riled me. Not because designers make the clothes so small but because she seems so accepting of the fact that because she’s not a size zero/unwell she ‘has to wear vintage clothes’. Can’t she see how wrong that acceptance is?

For every 1000 girls, 7 have a diagnosed eating disorder while 90% of women are ‘unhappy’ with some part of their body.  Kim should be outraged by the fact that her tiny frame won’t fit into designer clothes, not accepting of it. She should realise that she is a role model and promote the fact that this is wrong.

Last year I carried out a content analysis of Celebrity Gossip Magazines such as Heat and Closer and found that an astonishing 80% plus of the photographs featured women who were categorised as ‘an unhealthy low weight’ (i.e. their BMI was under 18).  Therefore, if women are constantly surrounded by these images and believe them to be the norm what sort of message does it send out when celebrities make statements like Kim’s?

Young women need encouragement to be healthy, not to feel excluded if they stray away form the ‘norm’. Kim should be a positive role model and tell women ‘you’re fabulous at any size’.

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  1. sue says:

    SHE IS NOT TOO BIG!! i agree, kim should say how bad it is and not promote it as normal. its not fair on people who are a ‘normal’ size. great x