Ryan Giggs & his wifeSo after all the Twitter, Facebook and God knows what, finally an MP has come out and said the name of the person at the fore front of the Super Injunction is non other than RYAN GIGGS.

For years Ryan Giggs has had a whiter than white image, as a successful footballer who has represented his country at the highest levels, he has won countless medals with Manchester United and has painted himself as the ideal family man for most of his career. Over the last few weeks we have seen that crumble beneath him. When Ryan Giggs looks back at this injunction he must only think that this has been a total disaster.


From the day this story broke of a mystery man and Imogen Thomas  there were a string of names attached, but very quickly Ryan Giggs became the front runner. It was all over internet forums, within two days of the injunction being taken out I had the name of Ryan Giggs. This injunction never worked from day one, and whilst he has lost a lot of credibility he is doing himself no favours trying to take on Twitter, because with Twitter you take on the American Congress, and I don’t think Ryan Giggs is quite ready for that fight. With Twitter there will only be one result, and it wont be in Giggs’s favour.


On Sunday Ryan Giggs was getting taunts from away fans about his recent off the field antics. What strikes me is his pure audacity to allow this girl to continue to take the brunt of the blame. He has thus far stayed quiet, and I believe right now his most sensible tactic would be to lock the door and spend some time away from everything.


Whilst Giggs and Thomas have there lives focused on for the next few months I can’t help but feel for the forgotten people in this mess. Ryan Giggs has young children, and he has a wife. That poor woman had to listen to chants about her husbands extras with Thomas, she has had to put on a brave face and act like nothing has happened. At some point children at school will of course realise that the Giggs children have a cheat for a dad, and one thing I am certain of is that children are cruel. It is with this in mind that I believe this gagging order should not be dropped. It should be relaxed slightly to allow Thomas to admit it was Giggs, but this is a girl who will go away and milk this for everything it’s worth. She will do that at the expense of his wife and children, and whilst I think Ryan Giggs is a wholly despicable man, I don’t think his wife and children deserve this.


Ryan Giggs is a true great in the football world, as a football fan I take nothing away from him, he has shown integrity, honour and passion for what he does. Off the field Ryan Giggs is nothing but a slimy man who has no respect for anyone. His wife, children and Imogen Thomas all have to sit and live with what he did, whilst he takes everyone to court and passes the blame around.


I truly hope that right now Ryan Giggs is hanging his head in utter shame.


Sean Bromley


  1. Sarah Cassidy says:

    He is first and foremost a great footballer, but unfortunatley for years to come he will always be associated with the “unnamed premiership footballer who wanted to take on Twitter”.

    You were badly advised Ryan!

  2. LoveSceneMag says:

    It is a big shame that Giggs is the one at the centre of this scandal. Our beloved Giggs. He has marred his reputation and for what!