Jade Goody’s Mum Jackiey Budden Loses Unborn Baby

The Goody clanTragic news broke yesterday as it emerged that Jackiey Budden, the mother of the late Jade Goody had suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks pregnant.

She is said to be devastated after losing the baby she believed Jade was sending ‘from heaven’.


The 55 year old fell pregnant by her now ex-boyfriend John Hickinbottom, 45, in July this year. After calling out an emergency GP after suffering with cramps and bleeding in the night, Jackiey discovered her baby had died. A scan at London St Thomas’s Hospital later confirmed the news.


“The moment I realised the baby had died, I broke down in tears. It was so painful, both physically and mentally. It was just so awful.”

“I thought Jade was bringing me a little girl from up there. It was like she was helping me from heaven. I’ve lost Jade and I’ve lost contact with my son Brett so I was over the moon that I had another chance. Now I’m so upset, I’m grieving again. The baby would never have replaced Jade but it would have given me something to love, like I love her.”


Jackiey had previously admitted to abusing drugs during the up-bringing of Jade, but tells the Sunday People how she viewed this new life as her second chance, sent from Jade,  to be a good mother.

Jackiey Budden no longer has contact with her son Brett, 34, since he moved to Australia and sadly lost her daughter, big brother star Jade, to cervical cancer in March of 2009.


(image courtesy of daily mail)