Jennifer Aniston Beats Angelina Jolie

Jennifer AnistonA poll by Men’s Health voted Jennifer Aniston as the Hottest Woman of All Time.


It would seem her good looks, humble manner and down to earth attitude have seen her rise to the top of the hot crop. The poll included sexy celebrities from the past as well as the present.


Angelina Jolie didn’t even make the top five!


Elsewhere, Lindsay Lohan’s latest Playboy photos have been leaked onto the internet.  Hugh Hefner has announced via Twitter: “Because of the interest & the internet leak, we’re releasing the Lindsay Lohan issue early.”


The images were originally due for release in the January/February issue of Playboy magazine.


Finally, Kris Humphries criticised Kim Kardashian for not being willing to move to Minnesota in order to strengthen his NBA career and yet Khloe Kardashian has stated that she will move wherever necessary to be by her husband’s side. Should Lamar Odom be bought by another team she will happily move home with him should circumstances require.