Jennifer Aniston to help Demi Moore

Demi MooreJennifer Aniston has taken it upon herself to help Demi Moore out of her depressive state which has become clearly identifiable by the star’s plummeting weight.  Aniston knows only too well the anguish and sense of humiliation Moore has been made to feel by her estranged husband.


When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship hit the headlines for the first time Aniston and Pitt were also still married.  The fact that Pitt had so easily wandered off with a co-star must have hurt Aniston more than words could say.  Now, revelations that Ashton Kutcher slept with another woman on his and wife Moore’s sixth wedding anniversary boldly announced to the world that not only did Kutcher mess up big time but that he clearly did so with little remorse.  It’s about as disrespectful as one could be.  On your wedding anniversary!  What a nasty piece of work.


Not only has Kutcher hurt his soon to be ex-wife and humiliated her with his antics during their marriage, he has recently further added to her anguish by flirting so pathetically with Lea Michelle on the red carpets in front of the cameras at the premiere of their movie.  In fact, the way Lea Michelle behaved in return seemed somewhat heartless too.  You’d think she’d display some decency out of respect for a Hollywood superstar such as Demi Moore, someone who has already achieved what she is now trying to achieve.  It would seem that Hollywood gets more ruthless by the minute so it’s always nice to hear about genuinely good celebrities like Aniston who decide they will make a difference in someone’s life.


Aniston has reportedly offered the services of her yoga trainer and chef to Moore to help her get her body back to a healthy weight and, of course, into the amazing shape Demi had before.  No doubt being able to talk to someone who has been through a humiliating, one-sided, very public, Hollywood break up will also be massively cathartic in itself.