Jesse James and Kat Von D Break Up

Jesse James and Kat Von D splitTattoo artist, LA Ink star Kat Von D has split from fiancé Jesse James.  Sandra Bullock’s ex broke her heart in 2010 shortly after her first Oscar win for The Blind Side when she should have been having the time of her life.  With Bullock being such a sweetheart in the eyes of the world Jesse James’ misfortune seems to be the karma we were all hoping for.


The two began dating last summer and Jesse James was set to marry his fourth wife when the they engaged in January earlier this year. Kat Von D tweeted about the break-up but failed to elaborate “out of respect for him, his family” and herself.  The split may have come as a surprise to some as there had been speculation some months ago about a break up, but Jack-ass, I mean, Jesse James, suggested the rumours were simply untrue during the promotion of his book An American Outlaw.


Jesse James has rarely disappointed when it’s come to demonstrating his nasty nature.  He humiliated Sandra Bullock with his adulterous affair with stripper Michelle McGee, he publicly blamed Bullock for the mistakes he made when they were together and he still rants about her now via the media.  Presumably he realises now that no-one really wants to  give him tabloid space unless he’s referring to his real claim to fame – marrying Sandra Bullock, or being a nasty idiot.


Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock, ever the dignified superstar, quietly got on with her life when she split from James.  She proceeded to adopt the son they had planned to adopt together.  She sold her California home to move to New Orleans so that Louis could know his roots having been born there.  Amidst all the drama she didn’t mouth off at her traitor.  Instead she retained her composure and kept moving forward with her life.


I imagine Sandra Bullock is too mature for such silly things but I do hope she enjoys this latest news.