Jessica Simpson Is Engaged To Who?

Just a week after her ex-husband announced his second engagement, Jessica Simpson has said “yes” to her beau, and her second fiancé, Eric Johnson.

The thirty year old American singer and actress has been dating the relatively unknown Eric Johnson for only six months yet she has decided to marry without a prenuptial agreement, much to the dismay of onlookers.  Her first marriage to Nick Lachey also began without a pre-nup.

Although Lachey was entitled to half her earnings for the three years they were together, they amicably parted ways with Lachey opting to take less than he was entitled to.  Perhaps Simpson does not care too much about losing her millions.  After all, it would not take that long to build the riches up again.  Money makes money, as they say.  Besides, how anyone can say “I do” with a pre-nuptial agreement seems wholly bizarre and contradictory of the wedding vows.

Ms Simpson certainly looks happy and is now the owner of a ruby engagement ring, ruby being her birthstone.  She has found herself a Yale graduate who had a brief pro football career.  He has reportedly ditched an opportunity to undertake his MBA at the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, in favour of staying closer to Simpson.  Let’s hope he actually loves her that much and isn’t just using it as an excuse to cover up a change of heart regards studying and ultimately sponging off his fiancé.  Although Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey divorced over five years ago, Eric Johnson’s divorce from ex-wife Keri Johnson only took place this year.  Hopefully this isn’t a rebound relationship or a means to an end and hopefully, for Simpson’s sake, they won’t rush into marriage just because they’re engaged.