John Galliano Sacked For Racist Rant

John Galliano fired by DiorJohn Galliano, the head designer at Christian Dior since 1997 was yesterday suspended from the major fashion house for his apparent recent anti-semitic remarks.  Born to a British father and an Andalusian mother, Galliano is said to have taken to a drunken rant in which he is claimed to have said that he loves Hitler, amongst other things.


Dior are said to have begun dismissal proceedings but Galliano has denied the rumours.  He was arrested last week after being accused of assaulting a Jewish woman and her Asian boyfriend in bar La Perle.  A second lady came forward some days later claiming she too had been insulted.  Not looking good Mr Galliano!


When a video later surfaced in which the famous designer is said to be making anti-semitic remarks the fashion house were clearly left with little choice but to suspend him.  His Autumn/Winter 2011 collection will still be paraded around Paris Fashion Week but he won’t be there to take credit.