Jolie no-mates

Angelina JolieThere’s an old saying- friends are the family we choose for ourselves, I don’t know where I’d be without either but if I didn’t have my amazing friends to count on I know the tears would last longer and the laughs wouldn’t be half as often. This is why I was suprised to hear Angelina Jolie recently confess in a interview that she doesn’t have any friends and that Brad is the only person she confides in.


The actress opened up on CNN’s Sanjay Gupta via satellite from Pakistan, where she is raising the profile of flood victims in her role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.


When asked how she copes with the emotional pressures and stresses of the roles, Jolie replied: ‘I’ll talk to my family. I talk to Brad; he wants to know as much as he can about these issues and every trip.’ She continued, ‘But I don’t know, I don’t have a lot of friends to talk to. He is really the only person I talk to.’


Angelina is one of the most envied women on the planet for her career, talent, good looks, family…she really does have everything. However, speak to any woman on the street, who might not have the comfort of millions in the bank, and they’ll tell you they feel richer and happier without all those things simply for having their irreplaceable girlfriends.


‘Money can’t buy you happiness’ is a long questioned cliché but ‘money can’t buy you friends’ is a life learned fact. Just a quick chat over coffee with a friend is as valuable as hours of expensive therapy, Jolie must have her therapist on speed dial to cope with 6 kids, saving the world and I’m sure even Brad has his annoying days.


Hugging your friend goodbye after a cathartic hour is as warming as the coffee itself. I always feel so privileged after seeing one of my BFFs that they found a moment in their busy day to spend time with me.


The biggest shame in Angelina’s confession is, with all the highs and lows she has had in her life, she would make a truly brilliant friend and she’s really missing out on an amazing life experience. Who does she call when she falls over in a shop to laugh at herself? Does she not have wardrobe malfunctions, ever? And who does she moan about Brad to?


Maybe her life really is that perfect, but if it means having no friends I’ll keep my troubles any day. Knowing the feeling of my friends making me laugh through the tears is priceless.


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  1. Sass says:

    Probably any female friends wouldn’t want to introduce her to their husband or boyfriend for fear of her running off with them like she did to Jen.

  2. LoveSceneMag says:

    @Claire – couldn’t agree more. Great article! @Sass – Ha-aa, yeah. Too right.