June Wedding for Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner and Crystal HarrisHugh Hefner and Crystal Harris have sent out their wedding invites, personally designed by Harris , for their wedding that shall take place on June 18th 2011.


The 85 year old and his 24 year old fiance are due to wed at the Playboy Mansion and have already invited approximately 300 guests.  Hugh Hefner claims to be surprised himself that he is going to wed again and explains, ”But the reality is I can’t see myself with anybody else, and I just want to give the relationship that kind of formal statement. I think Crystal deserves it. I love happy endings.”


Hef stayed married to his second wife, ex-Playmate Kimberly Conrad for the sake of the children although they actually separated in 1998.  Conrad moved into the house next door so that their two sons would suffer minimal disruption in their family life.  Hef and Conrad officially divorced in 2010.


Crystal Harris is to wear Playboy pink which only makes us Brits think of Katie Price’s disgusting pink wedding dress.  Doubt she’ll be looking as classy as Kate Middleton during the Royal Wedding.


Hugh Hefner has invited some of his former girlfriends and whilst Kendra and Hank Baskett are likely to attend, it is rumoured that ex-’girlfirend number one’ Holly Madison will not be making an appearance.  Holly Madison would understandably find it too awkward as she had at one stage wanted nothing more than for Hef to marry her.