Justin Timberlake: A Free Man

Justin TimberlakeSo Justin Timberlake has split up with long time girlfriend Jessica Biel but who called it quits?  Embarrassingly Jessica Biel is reportedly trying to suggest she did only no-one believes it!


Justin Timberlake has been seen starring into Mila Kunis’ eyes and reportedly spent a lot of time with her backstage at the Oscars but they deny there is anything going on between them.  Other reports suggest Timberlake had a roving and had been having fun with other ladies behind Biel’s back.  However, when the reports broke about the break-up the usual “There are no hard feelings. It was completely mutual…” comments were made BUT does anyone ever believe it.  Not really.  The couple have been seen looking frosty for some time now.  Even during the party Jessica Biel threw Justin Timberlake for his 30th birthday the tension and sparse love did not go unnoticed by the party go-ers.  It would appear Justin Timberlake has not been so great at faking affection for his long-term partner.


Biel is accused of having been very clingy (eek) and some suggest Timberlake has been unhappy with Biel for a long time.  So why stay with her???  The pair did get together shortly after his serious romance with Cameron Diaz, whom he was with for nearly four years, and whilst with Biel, Timberlake recently signed up to starring in a film alongside Cameron Diaz!  It was a curiously fast jump from one serious relationship to another.  Rebound?  Perhaps.  Who knows.  Maybe the pair will re-ignite their old flame when they start filming Bad Teacher in April.  Cameron Diaz is a little flirtatious with her male co-stars (though not Angelina Jolie levels by any means) with so we imagine that’s only going to rub salt in the wounds for Jessica Biel.