Karissa Shannon threatens to sue BB

Karissa Shannon (right)Playboy model Karissa Shannon has threatened to sue Big Brother over Sunday night’s ‘pantsgate’ incident.


The incident occurred when Denise Welch pulled down Shannon’s pyjama bottoms while they were dancing.


Shannon was shown promising to take legal action against the show’s producers if they aired her bottom to viewers.


Following the incident, a tearful Karissa told Big Brother, “She knows I’m one of the most reserved people in the house, I’m the classy woman of the house. I do not do that type of stuff.”


She added: “You’re going to show my ass on TV, that’s for sure.


“I’m not cool with that so I’m going to sue you guys. My management’s not going to be okay with this… I do not pull my pants down for anyone.”


Welch, who has revealed her chest on several occasions said she did not realise her actions would cause such offence; “It’s a great bum, you should show it off.”


Her twin sister Kristina added: “Everybody knows she’s a really reserved person.”


Yesterday, the Loose Women star burst into tears after being reprimanded in the diary room. Big Brother told her that her behaviour was ‘unacceptable’.


The winner will be crowned on Friday night. Thank God.