Kate Middleton Innocent?

Kate MiddletonSo much drama about the latest bit of nudity from the suddenly not so conservative royal family.  With every man and his dog coming out to defend Kate Middleton, what we’ve heard less of is, was it a PR move?


Well, let’s look at this realistically.  You don’t, as the future queen, go topless on a balcony during a very publicised tour of countries around the globe, without knowing you are likely to get caught by the paparazzi.  Can’t help but think the whole royal family was behind this PR move.  Either that or they (Prince William and his wife) are that stupid.  Which do you think it is?


Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton… didn’t expect them to be said in the same sentence.


I can’t help but feel that this probable PR move has taken a bit of the sheen off Middleton, otherwise beautiful, graceful, and all round seemingly lovely; bit disappointed by this latest celebrity “sex sells” stunt.


Who will the third be?  First Harry, then Kate.  Camilla next?  ;-)


Share your thoughts?  Accidentally forgot the world’s eyes were on her or PR move?


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