Katie Price Gets Cloned

Katie Price and Amy WillertonWhat’s worse than Katie Price?


Two of them, that’s what!


Yes you did unfortunetly read that right, there’s officialy another Katie Price… well a look-alike anyway.


Katie and “mini-me” Amy Willerton stepped out yesterday to officially sign Amy to Prices’ modelling agency, leaving many of us questioning which is the real deal.


In true glamour girl style, Katie opted for yet another skimpy and revealing outfit, leaving little to the imagination, whilst new comer Amy went for a more sophis…. wait a minute, no, she went for the matching tight, black and very very low cut catsuit.


*Sigh* what ever happened to being a little classy and individual?


Katie is clearly teaching her new project and winner of Signed By Katie Price, everything she knows and judging by these photographs, she’s even nailed the trademark pout!


Teetering along in bright orange and fuschia platforms, the duo look incredibly alike with matching clothing, shoes, makeup and even matching bouffant.


But according to Katie, they aren’t alike at all:


‘We are so not alike and everyone says this, but I did not want to find another one of me at all,’ says the 33 year old glamour model.


‘I say: “You’re your own person and you wear what you like”, but when we met her she dressed like a proper old lady and I’m like you’ve just not gotta dress like that!’


Maybe Katie needs to have a quick think before she speaks, as clearly she’s done the opposite of everything she mentioned during her television interview on This Morning by vainly picking a girl that looks very similar to herself, stripping her of her own identity, then playing dress up with Katie’s very own wardrobe… fabulous!