Katie Price…. I was right!

Katie PriceLast year I wrote some words about my loathing for Katie Price, and how I felt she sold her life to the highest bidder. I spoke about her wedding being just a publicity stunt and how it would be over within a year. I also offered to write a kind article about her should I be wrong….. Well I am right, the Essex tart has finally had a marriage breakdown and any time now we will get her press statement saying that she is splitting for personal reasons, she will pay Alex Reid to keep him quiet, and then ask that her privacy be respected at this deeply upsetting time….. Well she can kiss my rear end, I think this publicity hungry, botox loving chav deserves all the press bashing she gets, she is nothing more than a fame chasing tart who has shown in recent years she has no class, or talent.

Katie Price now has two failed marriages, and her only redeeming features happen to be how cute her children have turned out (which clearly isn’t after her). When she lies in her bed at night I do question if she ever thinks about the example she sets her own children. She has failed in two marriages, has had a sex tape leaked online, partied with various men, sold her life to anyone with money. The only thing we’re yet to see is Katie Price selling sex itself…. There is time. She is a walking advert for the Jeremy Kyle show.

Katie Price takes great pleasure in slagging off Chantelle Houghton, Kerry Katona and Jodie Marsh. She slates these people because actually they are just the same as her, and whilst I can’t stand Kerry Katona, at least she started her career with a genuine talent in singing, not like Price who started her career by enhancing her chest and getting them out. All I could think was how much like a couple of footballs they were, men must have had the urge to kick them and see what happened. Katie Price is jealous of any women who threatens her position as top slapper in the country, which is why she hates the three girls mentioned.


Maybe in 2011 Katie Price will take stock of her life, and finally do us all a favour and disappear. Her life is now ran through Living, so clearly ITV2 have got bored of her, just like myself and a number of people. I do feel a little for Alex Reid as I think he believed they had the real thing. If only he could see past the botox and make up, he would notice it was just a Pete Burns look alike.

Katie price, do this country one favour….. get lost!


Sean Bromley