Katie Price: Money First, Love Second

Wouldn’t it be great if for one week Katie Price didn’t make a single newspaper, or magazine, or any other form of media, wouldn’t it be the best week if we could keep her out of the press for a whole week, a part of me thinks it’s impossible, because that would mean she would no longer be the centre of attention, and she would of course find a way in to the newspaper (probably a little more surgery on her already Pete Burns like lips)

Every day we open a newspaper to the sight of Katie Price, at the moment the topic of her marriage is the top agenda for journalists and for good reason (although not according to her). It is believed that her entire marriage is a sham; the press have slammed the wedding since they first heard of the whole affair, but why? What reason do they have?

Katie Price eloped to Las Vegas for a quiet and intimate (and of course tacky) wedding to Alex Reid, a cage fighter, who also acts. She was said to want a quiet affair and one where she didn’t have to stress like she did when she married Peter Andre. She then came back to the UK, and of course said she wanted to do the whole affair again, with a huge ceremony, a daft dress, and a room full of Z list celebrities, so of course, a well known magazine stumped up the cash for it, this happened (not without fuss) and they all lived happily ever after….. Right?

WRONG! Katie Price is a business, and that is the reason her motives for marriage are questioned. Since the day Katie broke on to Page 3 she has been selling everything about herself, perfume, underwear, books, TV shows, even trying her hand at politics. There is no ground Katie Price has not tried to cover, and for what reason, well it’s simple ££££££. Katie Price married Alex Reid to the highest bidder, it is hard to see love given what she has already said and done in the past.

On national television Katie Price dumped Alex Reid, she went on I’m a Celeb, (the place she met first husband Peter Andre) and she decided this was an appropriate time to dump her new boyfriend, then following discussions changed her mind. She went on to star in a reality TV show with him, this is believed to have netted Katie £600,000 for the series, essentially the same series she shared with Peter Andre, whom also went on to star in his own (both making a lot of money from divorce… who said romance was dead). It is this reality show that allowed people to see the relationship Katie and Alex shared, it is one where Katie takes great pleasure in belittling her new husband, one where her greatest satisfaction comes in ridiculing him, until she makes herself feel better, and one where we get to see the third member of the relationship, Amy (Katie’s mother). Katie was rumoured to have threatened to dump Alex should he divulge any information whilst in Big Brother, she is then believed to have declared her undying love when he left the house.

When we bore witness to the wedding it was just one farce after another, and one where Katie again mocked her husband, when he gave his speech, she made gestures, and when he tried to touch her, she refused. What was noticeable was the way her affections changed when the cameras were there, he was then allowed a peck on the lips (at most) there was a moment in the wedding where Katie (referencing the press) asked “Why can’t they just leave me alone” and that’s a novel question from a women who for the last 6 years has sold her entire life to reality television.

So her Wedding to Alex Reid, why would people think it’s a sham, could it be because there is no sign of love from Katie Price to Alex Reid, could it be because staying with him has earned her millions in wedding deals, reality shows, and public appearances… . Hmmm something tells me that there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that Katie married Alex for the sake of the bank balance. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest two years from now, the two will not be married, and if wrong, I’ll write a glowing review on Katie Price.

It is worth saying what a great business women Katie Price is, with a reported wealth of £60 million, you can’t fault her tactics, apart from the fact she may just be playing with someone else’s life. I sense that Katie Price will continue to grace our newspapers for many years to come, because she will always be a celebrity prostitute, and sell herself to the highest bidder.


Sean Bromley


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