Katie Price Quits The London Marathon

Katie PriceWhat is it about Katie Price that I find hugely annoying?


Her pushy personality, the obsession with plastic surgery or that she is in danger of being married more times than Ross in Friends?


None of these actually.


This week it is the fact that she has pulled out of the London Marathon.


Each week I find myself watching her Sky Living show and being left feeling that I should have used that viewing time more wisely.


I think I find her fascinating because she is the ultimate rags to riches story.  Glamour girl to a global brand and shrewd business-woman. She works extremely hard and keeps herself in the spotlight whenever there is a product to sell.


Could she have worked a bit harder to get in shape for the marathon? Her show has certainly shown a lack of training for this competition.


Part of me is glad as at least I won’t have to endure watching the publicity hungry Price, pouting her way round the course, but I do wonder if anybody else has been given her place instead?


She announced her withdrawal on her blog: “It is with great regret that I have had to pull out of this year’s London Marathon. I’ve been training really hard.


“I have done everything I can to get over the injury, but my physiotherapist has said that I should pull out to avoid any long-term damage.”


I hope she had genuinely been training hard. The training schedule for a marathon is immense, and this has not been shown on her show, which is why I am annoyed that someone who doesn’t take the race seriously is given a place in it, yet others are turned away.


Maybe when I tune in next time, which I will hate myself for but I cannot help it – she will come across as being committed to being fortunate for being given a place in this momentous race.