Kelly Osbourne: What Has She Become

Kelly Osbourne looking ladylikeKelly Osbourne is the cutest as she tweets about unpacking in her new home!

What we love about Kelly Osbourne is her sincerity, humbleness and good manners… well except during some of her tweets… predominantly about Luke ‘The User’ Worrall.  Let’s hope her new beau, Rob Damiani respects her and treats her as she deserves.

Little Miss Osbourne consistently conveys to the world who she truly is, not who she dishonestly wants to project like so many other celebrities these days.  When you compare her to her Material Girl clothing line predecessor, Taylor Momsen, Miss Osbourne is the authentic rock chick at heart.  When you look at the young teen actresses on the red carpet dressed like they’re thirty years old, she is always the one with the conservative, age appropriate clothing.  When she opens her mouth on the E! channel programme Fashion Police, she always talks sense and we nearly always agree with this fashionista’s opinion!

You can tell a lot by the way someone behaves in the public eye, even to the extent of how genuine or fake they are being in that moment.  In the gossiping, catty world of showbiz it can be easy to laugh and giggle at someone’s comments no matter at whose expense.  However, if Kelly Osbourne has never been wronged by a given individual she will not join in if someone is slandering them in her presence.  If she does have an enemy, though, she will certainly be the scrappy young girl we have witnessed growing up.

In the celebrity world it can also be so easy to become arrogant and rude and self-centred yet Osbourne is becoming increasingly mature and polite and ladylike and she and her brother Jack always seem so very humble, the only way anyone should be!  She is absolute testament to how Sharon Osbourne raised her.

We would love to one day have a spot of afternoon tea with this lovely little feisty, yet elegant, young lady!