Kerry Katona Says No To Relationships

I’m A Celebrity… star Kerry Katona has revealed that while she would consider a sex buddy, someone she could sleep with with no strings attached, she will not enter into a relationship right now.

The newly single mum-of-four expresses her desire to stay free and single for the meantime, much to the benefit of the children.  After spending chaotic years with ex-husband Mark Croft she entered a whirlwind rebound romance with decorator boyfriend Adam Waldron. Their 3 month relationship came to an end last month, unsurprisingly, and now it would appear she’s ready to be on her own.

This next phase in her life should help steady her previously crazy world whilst also allowing her to spend more quality time with her children Molly, 8, Lilly-Sue, 7, Heidi, 3, and Max, 2.